Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Been a Long Time, Guys!

Hey everyone! I've missed the blogging world, although I'm not coming back yet...I just quickly wanted to let those who are still around know that the reason I've been MIA for so long is because..well, I got in a car accident. Yeah. I was hit by a semi and every single one of the best doctors in the state said I was going to die. They told my parents that everyday. And yet...I lived. And I'm still here today. With a traumatic brain injury and a handful of other problems, but things are still going for me. However...long story short, I don't enjoy reading as much as before and I just...I miss it, and yet I just don't read as much. It takes me longer, and any sad scene makes me cry like crazy. I'm still a little crazy that way. But hey, life is good, you guys are still awesome, and I'm just glad I could get into my old blog! Just wanted to give the world a quick update, not that I'm really planning on anyone seeing this anyway :)

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